Healing the Healer

For the Body, Mind and Spirit:

ThetaHealing® - Vianna Stibal (www.thetahealing.com)

Vianna Stibal is the founder of ThetaHealing®. Her website offers information about this healing modality, tells her own story, and offers other interesting resources.

Fitzmaurice Voicework (www.fitzmauricevoice.com)

Catherine Fitzmaurice has developed a method of connecting people back to their body's innate ability to breathe. Used extensively in the theater community, it is also open to non-theater people. Check it out!

Gaine Center (www.gainecenter.com)

Catherine Wylie Pagliaro is the founder of The GAINE Center for Spiritual Progress Incorporated. The Gaine Center was founded out of my passion for helping people awaken and raise their consciousness so that together, we can create sustainable solutions for every life, species and ecosystem to assure our world evolves, through love, into peace and harmony!

What the Bleep (www.whatthebleep.com)

If you haven’t seen the Quantum Physics documentary What the Bleep Do We Know, you must. It provides a scientific explanation for why Thetahealing® works. You get to see the neural networks we change with Core Belief work and the cell receptors that shift when we pull addictions. I love the Columbia physicist’s explanation of time: nothing in physics supports the belief we have about past and future - that we can remember the past and influence the future. We should just as easily be able to remember the future and influence the past. How cool is that?!?

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